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Sissied.com is a picture contest platform, giving everyone the equal opportunity to participate. Not only can you watch, and/or participate in one of our many contests, but you can actually create a contest of your own!

1. With Sissied.com Contests, you will have a chance to win the ENTIRE pot of every participants admission price. So hypothetically speaking, lets say a contest costs $1 to join and upload your picture for a chance to win. If 100 other people have joined that contest, then there is $100 in the "pot." The winner will receive all participants admission (Merchant Fees to transfer funds to you using PayPal and Crypto will be taken out of overall winnings. Also, 8% of all winnings will be given to Sissied.com so we can continue to host contests for everyone)!

2. If contests do not meet the minimum requirement of participants, then all participants will receive there money back (minus merchant transfer fees if applicable). 

3. Winners can choose to receive payouts in the form of:
  - PayPal
  - Cryptocurrency
  - CashApp
  - Amazon Gift Card(s)

4. The winners of each contest will have to provide proof that is it actually them in the picture, or at least know the person, and have their permission to be using it for these purposes.

5. You must be 18+ to participate in all contests. By participating in a contest, and uploading a picture, you will be agreeing that you are over the consenting age of 18+

6. Those who choose to unwisely upload illegal content involving anyone underage, your IP address and information will be posted on a TOR forum, then given to the authorities. 

7. Be Kind and Respect One Another. Do not bully or harass others. This could result in a permanent ban.

8. All Admissions will be held in escrow for the duration of the contest. So if you join a contest, there is no backing out for a refund if the Fibonacci sequence is not on your side (thinking or seeing you're going to lose). 

There are a variety of ways to win, even while being the underdog or... or not.
  - Tell your friends to vote for you.
  - Encourage others to join the contest too, to make the Pot BIGGER.
  - Join a few contests to heighten your chance of winning.
  - Put effort into the creating the content. Be unique, have fun, and hit the niche.
  - Market your post on Reddit, xHamster, FetLife, TikTok, Instagram, Chaturbate, and places like that, asking them to vote and help you win.
  - There are tons of ways to get voted on, be creative but don't cheat, eFanner will know.

If you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to email us anytime: